What are the holidays of tourist interest in Madrid?

What are the holidays of tourist interest in Madrid?

Madrid keeps many treasures. And one of them is their parties. From Hnos. Montoya, dedicated to bus and minibus hire, we wanted to prepare this agenda with the tourist interest parties in Madrid that should be visited.

Especially well-known are the festivities of San Isidro Labrador the 15 of May, the Virgen de la Paloma the 15 of August or the Almudena the 9 of November. But in addition to these well known festivals, the Community of Madrid has other festivals with great historical value that have been declared of regional, national and even international tourist interest.

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Fiestas of Regional Tourist Interest in Madrid

Pedrezuela: Feast of the Heifer (January 20)

Each January 20 fifth celebrate their passage from children to adults. The Heifer is the main character. A waiter hides under a decorated wooden frame and makes a nice tour of the town. This party, recovered in 1970 by the fifth of the town, is one of the parties of tourist interest in Madrid that has greater anthropological value to represent a ritual linked to fertility.

The Molar and Colmenar Viejo: Mayan festival (every May 1st)

A special celebration that celebrates spring. It takes place in two locations in Madrid: El Molar and Colmenar Viejo. Each May Day the Maya is chosen among the local girls, altars are installed and typical songs and dances are performed.

Griñón: staging of the Apparition of the Holy Christ (June 17)

Another of the tourist attractions in Madrid that should be visited. It is a popular representation that theatrically recreates the appearance of the Christ in the town.

San Lorenzo del Escorial: Crossing of the Summits (15 of August)

It's not a competition. It is an authentic celebration in which a crossing from San Lorenzo de El Escorial to Monte Abantos. The four summits that surround it (the Machota baja, the Machota Alta, San Benito and the Barranco de la Cabeza) are covered in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

Hoyo de Manzanares: party of the Caldereta (September 9)

Hoyo de Manzanares celebrates its Caldereta party when September arrives and, as is tradition, in the Plaza Mayor the famous cauldrons meet with the stew of fighting bull. Undoubtedly, one of the recipes best kept by farmers and herders.

Móstoles: Our Lady of the Saints and Saint Simon of Rojas (12 of September)

We go to the second most populated town in the Community. The patron saint festivities of Móstoles have a long tradition, a lot of visitors and, in addition, a wide activity program to enjoy its culture and tradition.

Fuentidueña de Tajo: Boat of the Virgin of Alarilla (second Saturday of September)

Taking advantage of the course of the Tagus River, the residents of Fuentidueña embark their virgin to make a procession. It coincides with the fall of the sun and the light of the torches illuminate the journey.

Buitrago de Lozoya: Living Nativity Scene (Christmas)

Throughout the walled enclosure of Buitrago, more than 200 volunteers embody a living Bethlehem. One of the parties of tourist interest in Madrid essential to end the year.

Festivities of National Tourist Interest

Chinchón: The Passion (Holy Week)

From 1980 it is a National Tourist Interest Party. The via living crucis is represented by more than 300 neighbors. With candles, candles and torches, they walk through the streets ending in the representation of the Resurrection in the Church of the Ascension.

San Sebastián de los Reyes: Christ of the Remedies (between the 28 of August and the 3 of September)

Another party of tourist interest in Madrid that you have to enjoy. With parades, capeas, fireworks, bullfighting festival and some really unique enclosures. For many, the most important after those of San Fermín.

Alcalá de Henares: Cervantina Week and Don Juan Tenorio (October and November)

The 9 of October celebrates the birth of Miguel de Cervantes and during a week Alcalá becomes the best destination to enjoy theater, music, dance, gastronomic days ... Interesting and evocative the Market of Don Quixote, the largest vintage market in Spain. On the other hand, the October 31 honors Don Juan Tenorio with events through the streets of the city and with the representation of the Tenorio in the Archbishop's Palace.

Festivals of International Tourist Interest

Aranjuez: The Mutiny of Aranjuez (first week of September)

And to finish one of the most important tourist attractions in Madrid in the world. We talk about Mutiny of Aranjuez, recently declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest (the only one of its kind in the Community). The mutiny of Aranjuez against Godoy is represented by more than 200 neighbors of Aranjuez. Around the representation there is no lack of the Goya market, traditional crafts and the Goyesca bullfight.

From Hnos. Montoya we invite you (and we take you) to enjoy the tourist interest parties in Madrid. Why start?

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