For a safer trip

La fullfilment of security requirements It is our most important value. We invest in security measures for our vehicles, we create rigorous maintenance plans and strive permanently in the selection and staff training

As all statistics guarantee, the Bus is the safest means of transport, with a lot of distance compared to other transportation alternatives.

Find out about safety measures, emergency opening controls and evacuation means. Keep the aisle and emergency exits free and do not hinder the opening or closing of the doors or the entry or exit of the vehicle. Do not operate, without just cause, the emergency opening devices of the doors. Respect the glass breaking hammers and fire extinguishers, and inform our staff if you notice the lack of any, as it is vital equipment in case of accident.

During the trip, try to remain seated in your seat and do not get up until the vehicle is completely stopped.


Driver our best guide

The driver is a professional selected and specially trained to guarantee your safety and offer you adequate care. You must follow their directions to improve everyone's safety.

The coach driver dedicates his effort, concentration capacity and professionalism to make the trip with fullfilment of security requirements. So, Do not distract while driving. If you have any comments, wait until the vehicle is stopped.

The driver must comply with the driving and rest times regulated by the European directive. On long-haul trips, it is always advisable to plan the stages to be covered in advance. Let yourself be advised by our professionals and they will make the best trip.

To ensure compliance with driving and rest times, we recommend that you carry out boarding operations as well as the corresponding technical stops.


For a more pleasant trip

On long trips the coach becomes a place where you spend a lot of time. To ensure that the coexistence is as pleasant as possible we recommend special care in maintaining the standards of consideration and respect.

It is therefore important to maintain the adequate hygienic conditions inside the vehicle, so we ask you to collaborate in keep clean vehicle equipment using the bins. If the coach is equipped with bathroom on board, try to use it for the essential and for the good of all travelers we suggest you be especially careful in maintaining their cleaning conditions.

Remember that Smoking is not allowed on the bus, as established in Art. 6 RD 1293 / 1999.


Luggage and belongings

To avoid unnecessary losses we recommend that you have your luggage and belongings located at all times. It is also important that at the end of the trip and before leaving the bus, check that they have taken everything they had.

For each traveler they can be transported in the coach up to 30 Kgs. of luggage. In addition, with the driver's authorization, small-sized hand luggage may be carried in the cabin of the vehicle.

The luggage that is carried on board the vehicle is covered by a limited liability insurance according to Art. 3 RD 1136 / 1997, so if your luggage has a higher value, if you wish you can subscribe an insurance with a limit of Superior responsibility when hiring the service.

The law prohibits the transport inside the vehicle of any animal except for guide dogs.


On international trips

On these trips we recommend that you bring the necessary documentation to travel through the different countries that they are going to visit. In case of doubt, you can consult the corresponding Embassy of the country to which you want to travel or through whose territory you want to transit.

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