Hnos. Montoya facilitates bus advertising in Madrid

Hnos. Montoya facilitates bus advertising in Madrid

Buses are real moving billboards. We speak of one of the most effective outdoor advertising media. Especially in big cities like Madrid. Because, Hnos. Montoya, with a fleet superior to the 100 coaches and minibuses, has a commercial division that makes it easier for companies to advertise in their vehicles. A good advertising strategy in buses in Madrid to reach millions of people.

Bus advertising in Madrid on the rise

The advertising landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. According recent data, the investment in printed media decreases while the investment grows substantially online and abroad. Marketing managers choose bus advertising in Madrid because they know that it has a high impact and guarantees a clear return on investment.

Advertising on buses with Hnos. Montoya. What possibilities are there?

  • Companies can use the buses of Hnos. Montoya as advertising support for their campaigns, making exclusive routes for that purpose.
  • They can also include advertising throughout the fleet in motion in Madrid or choose specific routes if you want to connect with specific audiences (worker, school, tourist routes ...).
  • The choice can also be based on the specific route that the vehicles make in areas of high affluence or certain neighborhoods.
  • The personalization of the bus at advertising level can be with partial or integral vinyl depending on the desired objective and the possibilities according to the chosen route. The opportunity lies in designing a high-impact creativity that surprises. Both drivers of vehicles, service users and pedestrians.
  • Each company chooses the number of vehicles and, therefore, the impact of its campaign. The brands can opt for a great image campaign in the entire fleet or, well, choose the support. From minivans to double-decker or bareback buses.

Hnos. Montoya has a specific division for the commercialization of bus advertising in Madrid responding to a growing demand. Therefore, the new division offers direct solutions to both companies and media and advertising agencies. A growing activity because the best advertising is the one that moves.

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