Rent a bus for your company with Hnos. Montoya

Transportation services for workers and managers. We bring your staff to offices or work centers, training centers, etc ... Improve the quality of life of your workers with the routes organized by Hnos. Montoya. Rent a bus to transport your staff with the corporate services of Hnos. Montoya.

Bus rental for companies

- Shuttles of companies with connection to public transport networks or parking lots.
- Pick up and drop off at airports and train stations.
- Visits, provisions, transfers, trips.
- Conferences, Fairs, Congresses.
- Celebrations.

We identify the needs of each company and we facilitate your customized transport.

Our added value consists in differentiating in quality and personalized attention on general public transport and in cost savings and greater effectiveness than private transport.

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Bus rental for Workers routes

We are clearly differentiated from public transport. We do not have waits, queues, or transfers that waste your time.

We make the most optimal routes to take as many users as possible in the shortest time. We contract with both companies and groups of workers.

We differentiate ourselves from public transport services (Metro, EMT, Consortium Lines) because we offer a customized service, personalized, without transshipments, without queues and without waiting, so that they can save their time.

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