10 places to get a selfie in Madrid

10 places to get a selfie in Madrid

Madrid is full of special places to photograph. In Hnos. Montoya, a company specializing in the rental of tour buses and minibuses, we guide many visitors through the capital and show them the best places to take a selfie in Madrid. A good guide to fill the suitcase of good memories and, also, a good formula to get suitable photographs to share on social networks. Who joins the plan?

Guide with 10 places to take a selfie in Madrid

1. The Crystal Palace of the Retreat

The Retiro Park hides one of the best places to make a selfie in Madrid. We talk about Crystal Palace, built in 1887. A unique building that has all the ingredients for a good photograph: a story building, nature and a beautiful lake in the foreground.

2. The Kilometer Zero Point

A classic! Selfies of feet, stepping anywhere in the world, are still fashionable. What better place to do it than Kilometer Zero in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The plaque, located in front of the Real Casa de Correos (headquarters of the Community of Madrid), really indicates the starting point of the six radial roads of Spain. Although it was placed in 1950, the one we can see today is from 2009.

3. The Bear and the Madroño

Without leaving the Puerta del Sol we find another emblem of the city. The sculpture of the Bear and the Madroño, pride of the Madrileños, dates from 1967 and was made in bronze by the sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé. As a curiosity we must know that although it only has 4 meters in height, it weighs 20 tons.

4. The announcement of Schweppes

I could not miss a great light. In the Plaza de Callao, on the Gran Vía, we find the mythical advertisement of Schweppes, installed in 1972, and for which the brand paid at the time 3.750 pesetas. His appearance in numerous Spanish films, such as "The Day of the Beast" by Alex de la Iglesia, has made him another of the places to take a selfie in Madrid.

5. The Kio Towers

Those looking for original photographs should not miss a selfie in Madrid at the Kio Towers. Presiding Plaza Castilla, these two twin buildings were the first towers inclined with respect to vertical 15º of the world. Tourists love to stand in the middle of both and do as they separate them with their hands.

6. Enjoying a tap vermouth

The aperitif time is lived in every corner of Madrid. It can be done with some canes and, of course, with the typical tap vermouth. We recommend any tavern in the area of ​​La Latina, Malasaña or the Salamanca district.

7. Lighthouse of Moncloa

Bird's eye view! Another of the best places to take a selfie in Madrid is from the top of the Lighthouse of Moncloa. At 110 meters we will enjoy some of the best views of the city and we can take a photo of extraordinary memory.

8. The Goddess Cybele

We are before one of the most representative symbols to take a selfie in Madrid. Carlos III (the great mayor of Madrid), was the promoter of this project with the aim of beautifying the city, along with other sources such as Neptune or Apollo. An essential place for the followers of Real Madrid. This is where they celebrate their triumphs.

9. The Lions of the Congress of Deputies

Baptized with the names of Daoíz and Velarde, like the heroes of the two of May, the tourists (and also the locals) want to take a selfie with them. These sculptures are made with the bronze of the cannons of the Battle of Wad-Ras in Morocco. A good photo and a good excuse to approach the Congress of Deputies.

10. With the student from Malasaña

In the mythical street Pez, we find a sculpture, quite recent (2003) that deserves a selfie. We talk about the student Julia and it is a concrete tribute to a woman who dared to go to the University in 1840. For all that it represents, this photograph should not be missing in the album of memories.

These 10 places to take a selfie in Madrid are just an appetizer of all the corners that the city offers us. At Hnos. Montoya we will guide you, on board our coaches, to all that you can imagine. Did we start the route?

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