Before the service

How can I rent a bus?

Fill out the budget form we have in the "Customer Service" section ( of our website. You can also request it by calling tel. 913.810.412 and asking to be assisted by our Commercial Department.

What kind of buses are available?

Hnos-Montoya has a large fleet of 9, 18, 21, 25, 35, 55 and 79 seats.

How far in advance should you make the reservation?

The minimum time to make the reservation is 7 days, prior to completion of the service. The maximum advance with which you can book a Hnos. Montoya bus is one year.

Are the coaches adapted for people with reduced mobility?

A large part of our fleet is adapted for wheelchairs and all our vehicles meet the standards for people with mobility difficulties.

How can I make a payment?

The payment can be made by bank transfer at the time of booking the coach. A deposit will always be required at the time of booking.

When I receive a quote ... does it imply that I have the vehicle reserved?

No. Until the deposit indicated therein is made, the vehicle is not considered reserved.

I have a firm reservation. Is there any contact person I can talk to now?

Yes. Our commercial department is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18 hours, for any questions or help that may be required. In addition, 24 hours before the service will receive an email with the contact details of the driver and the assigned vehicle.

Do you have pictures of the coaches, in order to make the reservation?

Yes. Our commercial department has photographs of a large part of our vehicle range.

They have sent me a quote and I want to make the reservation. That I have to do?

In this case, you must send us the budget signed, along with all your data (and those of your company, if applicable): Name, full address, ID and CIF of the company, as well as the bank receipt of having made the payment .

During the service

Are the buses wearing a seatbelt?

Yes, all our buses have a seatbelt.

Is the use of a seatbelt mandatory? Who is responsible for its use?

Yes. The use of the safety belt is mandatory. Each user will be responsible for wearing it.

Can you smoke, eat or drink on the bus?

It is not allowed by law to smoke inside the bus, nor in the bathroom. It is not allowed to eat and you can drink bottles of water. Glass containers or alcoholic drinks can not be used. Buses carry bins to deposit containers and garbage. Please make use of them.

What luggage can I take?

As a general rule, each traveler can transport up to 30 Kg of luggage in suitcases or appropriate packaging for this purpose so that it does not damage the hold or luggage of other users. The transport of items that may contain dangerous materials or objects or of an excessive volume or weight is not allowed. Valuable objects, such as computers, cameras, etc. It is advisable to carry it as carry-on luggage on board the vehicle and unless a special insurance is subscribed, its custody will be the responsibility of the user. Any other luggage (bicycles, surfboards, skis, etc.) that you want to take must be consulted before our Commercial Department to find the feasibility of being transported.

Do buses have toilets?

Only 35 and 55 seats, and all double-decker buses have toilets.

After the service

How can I evaluate a service that I have been given, file a complaint or make a suggestion?

Your opinion is very important to us, it helps us improve the attention we give you. I can complete the Satisfaction Questionnaire found on our website in the Customer Service section.

What do I do if my luggage has been lost or damaged?

In case of loss or deterioration of the transported luggage, it will be essential to make the claim immediately to the driver, at the end of the service. A detailed list of the contents of the baggage as well as its approximate weight will be provided. The responsibility of the carrier is regulated by the Transportation Law. The carrier shall not be liable for any damage, loss or damage suffered by hand luggage or other objects not entrusted to its custody.

Where do you want us to take you?

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